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BBI explores and defines viable alternatives to the closure of non-core business units and manufacturing facilities.

That includes:

  • settlement of a social agreement about the revamping plan
  • feasibility study
  • taylor-made project management of real estate operations
  • master plan (including the "A norma" settlement according to the current rules; warehouses and offices analysis)
  • infrastructure (logistic, road map) and premises design
  • facilities maintenance and redevelopment
  • potential appraisal of new premises
  • development according to the area's lay-out redevelopment plan and the Regulatory Plan
  • corporate location services
  • settlement of a service package in order to ensure a competitive positioning compared to alternative locations
  • maintenance suppliers identification and management
  • re employment of redundant employees through the Inward Investors
  • search of financial instruments to support projects and development plans of incoming companies

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