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Regardless of your industry or mission, project management is the value driver that helps your organization get the most out of its performance.

When tailored, or “fit”, to an organization’s culture, project management brings value by improving:

  • The execution of strategy, through repeatable, reliable performance and standardization;
  • The integration within the organization, through elimination of “silos” and better communication and collaboration;
  • The learning that a projectized organization undergoes as it explores new Services, processes and markets.

Learn more about the talent management (people), organization project management (processes) and global standards (information) that make these opportunities possible, and see how BBI can support your organization to take to advantage of them.

Talent Management

Organizational support of project management doesn’t begin and end with hiring the personnel. Support your project management talent by giving them the tools for professional growth and learning. Retain that talent by giving them defined career paths and options. Learn about the talent management options we have for your organization, including PathPro®, our online tool for planning career paths; THC Knowledge Assessments, which helps your project managers assess their skills; and our Career Headquarters job board.

Organization Project Management

Your organization has embraced project management, but how do you know if it’s making a difference? With our organizational project management offerings — including our Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) certification and professional consultant services — you can tie your projects to your business strategy and make sure they support your organizational goals.

BBI Registered Consultant Program

The BBI Registered Consultant Program helps organizations find capable consulting firms to assist with their project, program and portfolio management. Do you need help implementing project, program or portfolio management to fit your unique organizational needs? The BBI Consultant Registry lets you locate and select a project management consulting firm that’s right for you and your business. Conversely, if you’re a well-qualified project management consulting firm, you can become part of the registry and connect with organizations that need your expertise and resources.

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